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Hello Warriors! We are striving to raise $30,000 in 30 DAYS. 

I'm Ashley Lauren; singer-songwriter, and active advocate of mental health, stopping sexual assault and rape, along with sex trafficking. I started my musical journey with the goal of partnering with orgs that I could personally relate to in regards to my story.  As a mental health, child abuse, and rape survivor, it has always been on my heart to not only write songs that encourage others to live, but to truly partner with them on their journey as well. My goal is to create a groundbreaking album, docu-series, and an upcoming tour that will help benefit others on their journey of healing through music, art, and nature.  Over the past six years, we have collectively helped raise over $100,000 dollars with organizations in regards to giving back to those overcoming the trials mentioned. 

This year, I'm elated to be partnering with the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center, the very org that processed and aided in the prosecution of my sexual abuse case in 2007. 30% of proceeds will be going directly back to the org as we continue to battle child abuse and help restore lives, one day at a time. 

I'm fundraising to support our partnership, tour planning, produce our docu-series of the journey we've been on, and full-length musical project that will help kick off the next phase of what we have already accomplished. We are looking to eventually build with our own organization that aids in the healing process after traumas. My ultimate goal is to be on tour within the next year promoting this documentary on my personal story that will share the broken beautiful story of redemption and healing. I will use the funds after our project and tour is complete to build the first Warrior Watch Healing House, which will provide healing services to trauma victims in a creative, spiritually based way.